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New full-length trailer

as if I could love Varys more! just. like. the book.


the power couple, Renly and Margaery

- What do you think this scene means for Renly and Loras? Renly looks like he needs a drink :))

I've always thought that Loras was present, to some extent, on the scene, considering that he carried Margaery to Renly's bed and the marriage was supposed not to have been consummated. However, here Renly and Marg are clearly alone unless Loras is hiding under the bed.

Maybe the HBO writers haven't read as far as AFfC where all the good Renly gossip was?


This must be the Bitterbridge melee and so the blue knight is Brienne but I can't tell if she's fighting Loras. Tumblr thinks it's Loras but it doesn't look like Finn at all? In the book, they don't fight on foot: Brienne unhorses Loras flat on his back and then he yields. Still, it might have been rewritten for the show.
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